This event is brought to you by HOLISTIC FASHIONISTA
- The Dalai Lama
What originally started out as a cause to build holistic leaders of tomorrow, Holistic Fashionista has now turned into a spiritual revolution serving women around the globe in discovering their higher calling.

We are proud to be spearheading this movement in a virtual setting to deepen your connection to Mother Earth, strengthen your manifesting superpowers, and awaken your higher self to become an exceptional change agent of the world; with the help of our little friend called the Internet.

The Empress Festival is Holistic Fashionista’s bi-annual online gabfest specifically geared towards increasing the energetic vibration of our planet as a collective by getting clear about who we are and what we’re here to do as holistic leaders.

We truly believe that the power of collaboration and spiritual self development are the cornerstones to revolutionizing the way we do business, how we connect to our higher powers, how we deepen our relationships, and how we lead others to improve their quality of life. 

It is with great pleasure we bring you an international online annual event with some of the leading spirit-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, and mystics who have made a splash in the digital realm by sharing their wisdom, gifts, and serving others from their highest self.

The next event begins MARCH 14th, 2018 we cannot wait to see you there!

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This event is brought to you by
Holistic Fashionista Magazine
In Tarot, The Empress represents female energy, our artistic abilities, and intuitive superpowers. She is a feminine leader who possesses natural beauty, a burning passion for life, raw emotion, and a strong sense of intuition. With her deep connection to Mother Earth and the Universe, she makes manifesting your heart's desires peaceful and serene.

She embodies fertility, prosperity, and abundance to all her seek her wisdom, for she is the birthplace of creative ideas. Standing with her head to the heavens symbolizes her patience and spiritual gifts to materializing her greatest passions and the star in her crown represent her cosmic connection to the Universe. Below her, you will see the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, symbolizing her complexities, passionate nature, lover of all things beautiful, and her mysterious way of connecting the heart with our emotions. She is your higher self.